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Selection of ceiling mount, surface mount, and pendant speakers designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

Scalers & Signal Processors

Signal conversion for matching display resolution or optimizing image quality, or to output NTSC or PAL.


Connect to multiple computer, video and audio sources and route the selected signal to one output device.

RemoteCam5™ Platform

The RemoteCam5™ is part of Sound Control Technologies’ product portfolio for digital PTZ cameras requiring Ethernet control.

RemoteCamUSB2S™ Platform

Expanding on the reliable and time-tested technology of SCT’s RemoteCam™ platforms, the RemoteCamUSB2S™ is part of Sound Control Technologies ...

RC-SDA+ Gen2™

The RC-SDA+ Gen2™ is a Camera Bridge™, single input, dual output distribution amplifier and integrated USB interface for soft codec applications.

Cable & Extension

Discover Unitek's Cable Extension Collection and extend the reach of your connections effortlessly. With a range of high-quality and reliable cable extension options ...

Audio & Video Accessories

Enhance Your Audio-Video Experience with Unitek's Audio-Video Accessories Collection. From high-quality cables to adapters and connectors ...

System Design Assistance

The Ichi Team can help you design the perfect system

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